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Simona Morbini Morbini - Artist
Fresco Technique "The technique reported on aluminum foil is a tribute of my art to vintage cars. Cars are not only the subject of my work, but the frescoes that represent them are laid directly on the material they are composed. A relationship between art and legend of the engine.
Fresco is the technique that more than others requires precise timing, as a pure ritual, that cannot be altered.

The magic of the fresco, which complexity is an elite executive, does not allow any mistake, because the painting is not made but the internal surface plaster, that makes it so resistant for years.

Frescoes live even after the intervention of their creators. The feeling of freshness brings an idea of modernity, the fans are always amazed looking to this Art, historically and culturally belonging to our Italian heritage."

Simona Morbini


tel +39 335 8056656

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